Academics - ICSE

Curriculum at Lilavatibai Podar is framed keeping in mind the needs of the students in the 21st century. We at LPHS deliver a rigorous and collaborative 21st century education where students discover a lifelong love of learning. The Scholastic and Non Scholastic areas are intertwined in such a manner that they help in holistic development of a student and also facilitate geographic mobility, a boon for people on the move. The curriculum is designed and developed to support the vision and mission of the school. Through individualized education, we foster academic excellence and cultivate self-confident, creative, reflective, and analytical thinkers. The curriculum is a unique blend of emerging trends in education with tried and tested methodologies and best practices put into use.

The academic year begins in April and ends in March. It comprises of two terms for the Primary and the Middle school, and three terms for the Secondary school. The school follows the CCE (continuous comprehensive assessment). The assessments are broadly classified as SA (summative assessment) and FA (Formative assessment). There are two FA's per term and the end of the term is concluded by a SA. As part of the curriculum reform, the school has student-centered and problem-based learning to stimulate active learning among students. Web-based instructions and on-line information sources are used to enhance students' active learning, while teachers act as mentors and guides in the process. This new learning method helps the students to think critically, and to learn to become self directed lifelong learners.

The School also offers a wide variety of programmes and activities outside the regular curriculum to help broaden students learning experience. These include integrated courses by PACE. All streams of Art encourage students to become active and critical participants in arts and cultural events, assisting them to appreciate cultural diversity and ethics.

Subjects Offered in the Curriculum for 2022-2023

Grade I and II
English Hindi Mathematics EVS Marathi (Oral) Life Skills Yoga
Indian music Western music Aerobics / Dance Physical Education Computer Art and Craft Circle Time
Grade III, IV and V
English language English Literature Hindi Marathi Mathematics
Science Social Science Communication Skills Yoga Indian Music Western Music
Physical Education Aerobics / Dance Computer Art and craft Life Skills Library
Grade VI, VII and VIII (2022-2023)
English language English Literature Hindi / French (2nd Language) (only for Grade 6) Marathi (compulsory) (For 6, 7, 8)
Mathematics Physics Chemistry Biology EVS (History and Geography)
Supplementary reading Yoga Indian music Western music Aerobics /Dance
Physical Education Computer Art Inter House Activity Life skills (integrated in subjects)
Hindi (Compulsory for Grade 7 and 8)
Grade IX and X
English language English Literature Hindi / French History Civics Geography Mathematics / Science
Mathematics / Technical Drawing Mathematics / Economics Mathematics / Computer Science Economics / French Supplementary reading Yoga
Indian music Western music Aerobics /Dance
Optional Subjects
Computer Application Commercial Application Cookery Art Technical drawing Physical education
French Economic Application Mass Media Yoga Environmental Science


Students opting for Economic Applications and French in Group II are not eligible to opt for Economic Applications and French in Group III and vice versa.
There is an Internal Assessment Component of 20 % in all subjects in Group – I and Group – II, and an Internal Assessment Component of 50% in Group – III subjects.